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Without Honesty Democracy is Nothing

It should be an obvious truth that doesn't need stating. It should be.

People can only vote according to the information they are given, and if the information they are given is not honest then they're going to make questionable decisions.

It's obvious; And yet we all know our politicians lie. We all know you can't trust what you read in the papers. It seems the number of news sources is expanding exponentially, and suddenly we find ourselves enclosed in echo chambers where our opinions are repeated back at us, because that is more comforting than having to understand those of people who disagree, and yet....

We still argue about the virtue of democratic decision?

It has been said that democracy is the worst possible form of government except for all the others, and I'd say that is a fair definition. But perhaps we might ensure we are aware of its deficiencies, so we are not ensnared by those who would lie to us while singing its praises.

Without honesty, democracy is nothing.