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"It all started as a bit of a laugh really."

Who, What and Why?

Well, back in the day I wrote a book. I did it for something to do. It was a bit of a laugh, but I hoped it might help people understand a few things which I thought were important. Like how to avoid blowing up the planet and each other because we're all a bit confused about religion, that sort of thing.

I built this website to publish it on, and to try and lure people out of any cash they didn't need, and I did. That was the start of it. That was why I bought this stupidly narcissistic domain name, although let's face it, you all wish you had a six letter domain name too.

Later, I found that while hanging around on "interweb" forums there were some arguments that seemed to need to be made repeatedly, and that some (many) people really did not have in depth knowledge of some really serious topics, so I started writing what I knew about these topics, in what I considered to be a fair and even way, and publishing it here. It was basically just to avoid writing the same arguments repeatedly really.

Obviously I'm still a person with opinions, and they may not always agree with yours. I try to be fair and even, and to view subjects from all sides. That was how the ramblings started. Originally I called them 'articles', but later stepped away from such delusions of grandeur. They are all ongoing works in progress, sharing my current understanding of subjects. But I'd like to state I've put a lot more thought and effort into some of these than much of the bollocks you'll see in the mainstream media. Feel free to peruse. If you think I'm missing some details, feel free to let me know.

But read the book. It's a bit of a laugh.

So About That Book.

you can download it, for free, although donations are very much appreciated, because I'm still trying to make an honest living, by clicking on the following graphic.