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ten tory lies about labour

Ten Tory Lies about The Labour Party

I've just had this advert from the tory party come through my stream. It's long and full of crap, so having posted a rebuttal, I thought I'd share it here, so that everyone can have a quick and easy way of contradicting the tory lies.

1. "Labour would cause job losses" lol

It's simply not true. The banking crisis tanked the global economy, causing the economic problems the tories inherited. The tories are still trying to blame labour for that, even though we all know it was the fault of the _Global_ banking crisis. You have to wonder why tories are so keen to let the very very rich bankers who contrbute to the tory party off the hook.

2. "Labour would introduce a damaging 32-hour week" lol

Labour have not stated they would force a 32 week on people. They stated they would work towards a situation where people could negotiate such things for themselves.

Given most EU countries (including the stronger economies) have a shorter working week than the UK, and people who are more refreshed tend to work better, maybe this isn't such a bad idea.

The tories probably complained when you got weekends too. I mean, not working 7 days a week will damage the economy... right?

3. "Labour’s taxes would be the highest in peacetime history" lol

It's says something about how far right your society is when suggesting we should increase the tax of people earning more than £80k is seen as a left wing thing to do.

4. "Labour would hike corporation tax" lol

The EU wanted to level corporation tax across the EU. The tories veto'd that, so that they could continue the race to the bottom where global corporations don't have to pay any tax at all, which means that ordinary people have to pay far more.

5. '"Labour sees business as ‘the real enemy’" lol

Utter nonsense. Capitalism' and 'business' are not the same thing. You might as well claim that people who oppose slavery are "anti business". Labour's policy is about ensuring that people are empowered to contribute to the industries they work in, and that everyone takes a reasonable share of the profits of their labour. Levels in all things. No one is suggesting communism. People who have a stake in their own companies, will work harder in those companies.

6. "Labour would cause a run on the pound" lol

Firstly, I'd like to see a reference for that claim. Secondly... you mean like what's happening because of Brexit, you know, people investing abroad, instead of here?

7 "Labour would destroy the independence of the Bank of England" lol

OK, I actually laughed out loud at this one.

The tory article states: "The Bank of England has been independent for more than 20 years, creating economic security and stability."

Erm... Fact Check - 2008 banking crisis, have the tories forgotten about that already? Economic stability my arse

8. "Labour would nationalise vast swathes of our economy" lol

This is actually a very popular policy. lets not forget the tories sold Royal Mail for £2 billion while it was making £400 million a year profit. In just 5 years keeping it would have paid off. What's so wrong with investing in our nations infrastructure so that we as a nation can profit from it.

Or are only the richest allowed to profit from these essential industries which we all need? The tories literally privatised water - something which is essential to us all. And all that happened is prices went up.

9. Labour would let debt rise uncontrollably. lol

Debt has risen more under this government than in any previous government ever. We now have the highest national debt we've had ever, by a long long way. And the tories will still try to blame that on Labour, rather than their rich banker mates who caused the banking crisis, and their own failed policies in dealing with it. Just more tory lies.

10. Labour would take over businesses

This only applies to firms with over 250 employees, and firms would transfer 1% of ownership into the fund each year to a maximum of 10%, so that workers get a stake in the companies they work for. It is far from draconian, and a sensible gradual change which companies will hardly notice, while giving working people a voice in the companies they work for.

Let's face it, if the workers of a company got a vote in whether or not to relocate their company to china and lose their jobs in the process.... maybe we wouldn't see so many companies relocating.


If you want to read the original stream of lies the tories posted, it can be found at :

You'll have to cut and paste the link, because I'm buggered if I'm actually linking to that stream of shite :o)