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Balanced In Favour of Positivity?

If you take note of the positive comments, while being aware of the negative; Be aware of who is saying each, and of their bias, be it preference or prejudice, you can but hope to form a positive view of the world and it's populations, and remain a positive and aware person.

Being a positive and aware person is probably a good start, though it has to be said, it falls into the category of easier said than done on those occasions when the world appears to be either full of, or perhaps it's fairer to say, is simply run by, complete and utter arseholes.

We can but try. Being a positive and aware person is probably a good starting point. And the more people there are who are positive and aware, the more chance we have of dealing with the arseholes who are running the show, dealing out a steady diet of depressing confusion and entertaining misdirection.

Could we but try to be aware of the world we live in, make a positive contribution, not let the arseholes screw us up, or grind us down, and attempt to create a world where we could all be content.

Possibly easier said than done, but then, if we're balanced in favour of positivity, we might as well try.