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This book is released as 'beerware', i.e. buy me a pint, or a half if you're a bit skint.

If you're completely skint* have one on me.

[* If you're skint because you've just bought a new phone/car/house/yacht etc or have spent it all on a social life that's better than mine, that doesn't count.]

It's very easy to donate through a paypal account, or through a credit/debit card. Just select the amount you want to donate and then click the donate button.

You'll be taken to a page where you can fill in the payments details, and dropped back here afterwards to complete the download if you haven't done that already.

Download Brenda Donaldson's Chest

The download button is at the bottom of the page, just after...

The Obligatory Nag

smileyThis book is released as 'beerware'. Please make a donation (while possibly laughing at my optimism). You are however more than welcome to read the book first, and pay what you think it's worth afterwards. I'd rather people read it, than not.

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Download Format

This top download is in .epub format which should be viewable on most e-readers. If you're unsure, try this one first.

If you're using a kindle, and their nasty propriety format, use the bottom link.

If you're reading on an android device, you might need to download a reader, and apparently this e-book reader works for android devices (use the EPUB version of the file)

If you have any problems download Calibre, which is a very nice free application which will convert it for you to anything else. For really old kindles you might need to convert to MOBI format.

Either way, I really hope you enjoy it, and thanks for taking the time to read my book.

Download EPUB for Ipad, Android, PC and pretty much everything

The above download button will work for pretty much everything (you might need to download a reader for Android), but it won't work for kindles.

For Kindles use the button below.

download AZW3 format for Kindle


If you're using the Kindle App, or a really old Kindle, try using this MOBI version, That includes you WIlkie.